Hey Guys.....Triple Clamps for 2003 YZ450s will fit my wr450 right???

As long as it is an 03 YZ450. I think they fit. The 04's are bigger diameter. :)

The 03 triple will work.But you will need to figure something out for the wiring and headlight mounts.Are you looking for an aftermarket clamp?They make ones for the wr also.I have the scotts mount and am happy with the quality. :)

Yeah Im looking for an aftermarket clamp. Im thinking maybe factory connection because theyre only 169.95 and theyre rubber mounted. The odometer bracket is 30 more. DOes this sound ok? Also I just ordered the hot wheels kit for the W. Im hoping it will be fairly easy to put on.....any suggestions? Thanks, D

Yes, the yz clamp will work. The headlight mount uses the pinch bolts. The only thing that will not work is the wr odometer. there is no mount for it on the yz clamps.

Anyone use the "APPLIED" triple clamps? If I'm not mistaken they should be the same as the "SCOTTS". The Applied clamps come in a sweet blue and should look very trick on the WR.

Smoke :)

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