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TTR-250 improvements on HM trip

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Every year we go on a trip to the Hatfield/McCoy trails in WV and I would like to share some of my experience.

This year we stayed at the Ashland Resort (which is a top notch place!) and rode the Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek trails, along with the "outlaw" trails. Before we left, I did:

Had the front fork and rear shock done by the Suspension Guy

Front fork, new springs, gold valve, and new 5w synthetic oil

Rear shock: everything changed out, valve cleaned up, bushings replaced

New MX-51 Dunlops with Tubliss tire system

The suspension changes make a HUGE difference on the TTR, I strongly suggest getting the shock/forks gone through. This is usually true for most bikes of course, but the TTR really makes things better.

The tires and Tubliss worked great as well. The tires worked great in the teflon mud down there, and hooked up great everywhere.

The Tubliss worked as advertised (though the install is crazy) as I ended up with front flat. Rode a long way with the tire flat, and the tire stayed beaded. I only knew that I had a flat when front end started getting a little crazy. I plugged the tire on the trail, one cylinder of CO2, and was back in action.👍

Ride safe!


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