crack in swingarm 2010

I searched and could not find any thing on this subject.

I noticed a hair line crack on the chain side of my swingarm. It's about four inches long running longwise.

Has anyone been sucessful repairing a crack on the swingarm? How common is this?

never heard of it, sure would like to see a pic. A good tig welder should be able to fix you up.

I could take a picture but will have to get some help posting it. The crack is just above the bracket welded on for the lower chain guide on the inside of the swingarm. It starts about one inch foward of the axle block.

After welding will it need to be stress releaved in the oven or something ?

nah weld, dont grind (unless it was welded by me) and ride! But find a reputable tig welder cause not everyone can do it well. Posting pics is easy but no big deal just got my curiosity.

EDIT: fixed

Edited by tech24

Just weld, don't grind.

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