YZ250 crankcase/clutch cover replacement?

I need an aftermarket replacement for the cover as i got quoted a ridiculous amount for the OEM part. Do you guys know of any place that does them? I live in New Zealand so it would have to be cheap enough shipping. Thanks.

AFAIK there isn't an aftermarket option.

You could try and find something on ebay though, or post a wanted ad up in your local second hand classifieds. If someone has a blown up engine they may part with it for cheap.

Hinson offers one too but even more expensive than the OEM, how about ebay?

Boyesen has a clutch cover.

Are you looking for the entire right side outer case, or just the clutch cover.

If you're looking for the entire right side outer case, I've never seen an aftermarket one. Find a used ebay one.

Clutch cover: Many companies make one, should be able to buy for less than 100$ (US).

I bought one on ebay for $30 USD used. Better than paying heaps for the new one lol!

Which years will fit the same part for the outer clutch cover? I have a 2003 and it needs replaced.

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