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Two stroke is spitting oil in reverse on the motor??

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I have a 2003 YZ250. I am going riding tomorrow and was making some adjustments when I noticed a large amount of what appears to be pre-mix oil on the right side in front of the rear brake master. It looks like it splattered, not dripped.

If I had to guess, it looks like it is being spit out where the exhaust meets the header pipe. The two springs look solid but there is a little oil dripping out.

The silencer itself has a small amount of oil that comes out the back always and drips down the pipe. Not much. There is also a small amount of oil at the bottom where the silencer where it meets the actual exhaust pipe around the seam.

My question is an I most likely using too much pre-mix (32:1 motul) or is time to re-pack the silencer? I know some people will say I need to ride it harder but I hope thats not it.....

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