How to bleed brake lines....

hey all, need some help...

i have an oversized 290mm BRAKING rotor on my bike, and it feels soooooo mushy. It didnt feel this way until i switched out my brake lever (after breaking the other lever) i think i might need to bleed my brake lines. Also my rotor has like a sorta dark grey stripe (like the brake pad is rubbing it not gripping it to stop) around my rotor. Im thinking that i might either A. need more brake fluid, and flush my lines. or B. put new brake pads on. it is on my front rotor by the way. any help would be appreciated. its the one little thing keeping me from absolutly flying around the entire track. cause i cannot stop fast enough into a corner, therefor i must coast in somewhat. and i wana fly!!!!! so someone help.


A little trick someone posted here one time- buy one of the old-fashioned oil cans with the lever on the side, then attach some fuel line to it that just fits over the breather stud on your brake, then fill the line up to the reservoir from the bottom. Works great...

This happened to me. If you crashed when you broke your lever, there may have been a small amount of air in the reservoir that got in the line. The oil can method is great, that is how I do it. Just make sure when brake fluid overflows out of the reservoir that you have something that will quickly soak it up. As you know, brake fluid is very likely to eat up whatever is in its path.


Thanx guys, thats awesome...ill try it asap...once again thank you.



I have found that you can successfully bleed the front brake by using a syring. If you can get a large capacity (100-200ml) syring from your local drug store without them trying to lock you up!

You just have to fill the syring up and reverse bleed it from the bottom (crack the nipple and squeeze the fluid through till you see the last bit of air come through the master cylinder)do this a couple of times and the lever will be hard as a rock.

Good luck, you can also take it to the track and bleed the lever during the day.


Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)

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