Cylinder peeling 2010

Bike just hit 50 hours. time to rebuild and found cyl peeling. Valves dead on. Piston look great. Bike ran great. No smoke. Anybody else?

Please post some pictures if possible.

I recall one guy with an '07 had that problem. Doesn't come up often at all.

I'm confused...why on earth would someone think at 50 hours it is time to rebuild ?? Obviously, you had an issue with your new motorcycle, but "time to rebuild"..?? I just pulled my 2010 apart at 115 hrs to install a WR 4-5 gearset, checked the end gap on the rings, factory spec was .012 new, and mine was a tight .013. My '04 never needed the valves adjusted in 6 years, the guy I sold it to took it in for a top end, just for the heck of it, while the piston and rings were still within spec, he replaced them, along with the cam chain and rubbing block, the valves still were within adjustment needed after 6 years of hard use. I guess if it makes you feel better, it's worth pulling apart at 50 hours, but I'm curious, how did the old parts measure out..??

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