Air Filter Cleaning Tips??

Hey All,

What do you recommend for cleaning the air filter? I have some 'filter cleaner' but have heard other opinions in the past. Can't you just use mild detergent? Also, do you have to use grease at the outer edge/seal? Or can it just be the spray on filter oil?

Thanks as always!


I use brake parts cleaner to clean it out, and use a thin film of grease to seal it. I dont know if this the right way to do it, but it seems to work.

First use mineral spirits to get the big gunk out, then any dish detergent to get the rest out. I always put grease on the seal too. I use the same stuff I put under fork dust seals- white lithium grease.

I like to use the No Toil system. I put some warm water in the garage sink with just a little dish soap. They come out as clean as if I used chemicals.

You do not have to grease the seal but it is added insurance. Just a light coat of any waterproof or good quality grease.


PJ1 airfilter cleaner, soap & water to finish. Pro-seal in place of grease, works great. ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

I've tried both dish detergent and air filter cleaner and in my experience the air filter cleaner does a much much better job at disolving the air filter oil. Kinda pricy, but makes the job much easier. I have not tried other chemicals or detergents..

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