No Spark

Does anyone know how to check the cdi. I'm not getting spark. The coil seems to be ok and so does the stator and rotor. What else can I check?

replace with known good unit from e-bay. Sounds like you have ruled out the other possibilites.

which bike are you having problems with?

2006 yz450f anniversary addition. Will a over rev box replace the cdi on this bike?

Be sure that you are testing with a known good spark plug. Also be certain that you test both stator circuits and the trigger coil. Back probe across the harness connector terminals to rule out corrosion, and try for spark with the kill switch disconnected. Check for output from the stator using an analog VOM on a 10v AC scale. You may also want to do a visual inspection of the stator to check for loose bolts or cracks in the plate. After that, you're pretty much left with testing by substitution, which gets expensive unless you have a donor bike.

Aftermarket ignitions do exist for this model, but not all of them are as wonderful as they want to be.

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