OT-Big Wheel 85's

My 11 year old son is at the stage where he is able to outride the capabilities of his TTR125L on the local motocross track. WE are died in the wool YAMAHA people, have a superb relationship with our local Yamaha dealer and the '04 YZ85 is of course our #1 choice. My boy is tall enough to sit on it with his feet flat on the ground. At the rate he is growing, he would (I feel) be too big for the bike by the begining of riding season and almost certainly outgrow it by the end of next season. I had the misfortune of finding out that while Yamaha does make a big wheel kit for the YZ85, it is approximately $1200 before labor! Just for reference, the YZ85 retails for $2949. I realize that the Yamaha kit is way overpriced but also cannot justify the cost of lacing up some excel rims to do the conversion myself.

The local Honda shop has two '04 expert CR85's (large wheels) for only $100 over their regular models. The price on each of these bikes($2999) was only $50 more than the regular small wheel YZ85. The boy fits the larger bike very well and I realize that Honda makes good products. The big problem is the local Honda dealer is not someone I want to do business with.

Suzuki and Kawasaki both have big wheel models which are within a few hundred dollars of the Honda's. They are also making 100's in a large wheel 85 frame. KTM is coming out with both an 85 with larger than normal wheels and also a 105, according to the local dealer. The dealer is a good guy but high priced and THEY AREN"T YAMAHAS!

Riding in super mini class(100-105cc) would put my boy up against 125cc racers, so that is completely out of the question.

I've looked into the BBR site to see that the money spent to make the TTR hang in there another season for him just isn't worth it, in my mind. The plan is to hand that bike off to his one year younger sister.

It sure is a bummer that the other brands keep this cost consideration in mind and bring those big wheel versions of the 85 to the public. I just wish Yamaha would follow suit since they have what is widely considered to be the best 85 on the market.

Anyways, to get to the point of all of this. I need ideas, advice and other thoughts on where to go with this situation. Also, if anyone has a used big wheel Yamaha for sale or knows where one is for a reasonable price, please let me know.

I agree that it's a shame that Yamaha doesn't have a big wheel version of the 85 on the floor. My son races in the 85 class and he's out grown his bike. I considered a big wheel kit but, I've decided (and so has he) that it's time to move up. I've ordered him an 04 YZ250F. :D

You said that in the super-mini class you son would be up against the 125 riders. :) Not so here, my son races super-mini with his stock 85 and it's mostly the same kids he races in the 85 class.

It may be a little tall but, you may want to consider the 125 or the 250F. If your son is growing as fast as mine, he'll outgrow the big wheel in a year. :D


I have crossed posted this thread in the other Yamaha forums. Look for information in those threads as well.

When I said super-mini, I was refering to the 100cc bikes not big wheel 85's. Our mx club only allows 80-85cc two strokes in the 80 class. If he was to ride in a super-mini class up here, he would be riding alone.

My son is only 11 and a YZ250F would put him up against 125 riders which he is not ready for. As I have said in the other threads, his inseam and body size are perfectly suited for the big wheel 85's but the step up to a full sized YZ is out of the question.

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