HELP Tire not properly on rim

Just picked my new 02 650R up yesterday.

Took it for a brief spin today and as I look at the front wheel I recognize that the front tire is not 100 % seated on the rim !!! :D

The tire seems not to be seated on both sides over about 2 inches.

Any good ideas how to seat the tire properly ? :)


If you pressurize the tire/tube to 40 to 50 psi it should seat. Relieve the pressure back to running psi and you should (operative word is should) be good to go.

this sounds dumb, but if the pressure doesnt do the trick on its own, drop the bike out of your truck or whatever with lots of air in the tire, it will shockload it, sometimes will pop it back on, never tried it on a bike though, only quads, good luck, JR.

Put some soap water on that section of the bead and air it up. It will go. :)

Big thank you for the solutions, great help it worked ! :)

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