I've searched and searched.... Need nut size of rear axle nut...

My SERVICE manual doesn't say it. Bike bandit doesn't say it!

On my 2001 YZ426F...

I need to remove my rear wheel for a proper brake pad change and I have no idea what size of socket to us on the nut. I mic'd it at 1.065 which can either be a 26mm or 27mm socket. I'm not sure which is the right one to buy.

Your knowledge is appreciated guys. :ride:

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:


27mm. Get a 6 point socket, if you can.

Thank you! :worthy::thumbsup::ride:

I mic'd (the nut) at 1.065 which can either be a 26mm or 27mm socket.
1.065 x 25.4 = 27.051 mm.
1.065 x 25.4 = 27.051 mm.

25.399986. (27.050985mm) You were close though.....

I'm so glad to hear that an error of 0.0000551187519% (0.000000587008198" in this case) falls within your tolerance for precision in selecting between sockets in 1mm increments. :thumbsup:

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