Riding in New Zealand ?

It appears that now that two thirds of my family hold NZ passports they want to go live there, but I don't wanna give up all the great (but mostly muddy) riding I get on the WR in the UK.

Are there any Kiwis out there who can fill me in on the off-road scene in NZ? We're thinking South island maybe Canterbury but nothings definite.


I think the last issue of Dirt Rider had a review on the riding over there. From what they say, looks pretty awesome.

Hey Rik, 'BrianSteele' is a TT'er that has just bought a KX250F, he's from NZ, and is a good bloke too. He could probably tell you all you need to know about the off-road scene over there. :)

I spent 8 days riding in NZ about two years ago with the tour group that was written up in the current issue of dirt rider.

The riding is great on South Island. I didn't spend any time riding on North Island but the photos in Dirt Rider look good.

When in doubt take a holiday in NZ rent a bike and check it out.


This summer I sold a bike to a gal from New Zealand that summers in this area. She rides alot there in the Queensland area. My son and I took her out one day so she could see the trails we ride. It was about 75-80 degrees. She was exhausted after 25 miles, said she had never ridden in weather that hot. Where she rides they go up into the mountains and temp is usually 60-70 degrees. Wouldn't that be great.

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