broken chain

on my 01 yz 426 i have broken 2 chains a renthal o ring and a did 520 ert im within spec for tension and aligned ok these chains seem to break after a month of hard riding, does any have any ideas im thinking of going back to a 2 stroke before i get hurt but i do really like the 4 stroke and have 7 months invested in 4 stroke riding.

Something sounds wrong. Sounds like chain tension may be an issue. I have raced YZF's since they came out at the end of 97 and have never had something like that happen.

Did you replace the sprockets when you replaced the chain?? Are the chain rollers and chain guide working ok?? How are the chains the pin or in the middle of the link??


the renthal chain was on the bike since new about 4 months with orig sprokets when it broke at the pin then the did chain i put on with slighly worn sprokets and it seemed ok then i changed to a new rear sproket and about a month later the did broke at the pin i use the 3 finger rule for tension and alignment i go by the marks and rollers and chain sliders look ok

Well....everything sounds ok. Maybe you are the unlucky one to buy two flawed chains.

The only other thing I can think of would be an alignment problem with the back wheel. You use the alignment marks as I do. Since there are two alignment marks on each block, make sure you are using the same one on both sides. If that were a problem you would have seen uneven wear on the sprocket.


The alignment blocks could be mis-marked. This is a problem that I have read about many times in magazines, but have never experienced myself. It may be the root of your problem, or you just have a fire-breather! Check the measurements by measuring the distance from the pivot on the frame to the marks on the swing arm. If they are the same on each side, great! Otherwise, if they are off, your wheel alignment may be off possibly causing your chain problem.

Glen T

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