Question about tuner

I have question about the gyt-r tuner. If you own 2 yz450 do I need 2 separate tuners? When dealing with programmers for my truck the tuner is vin specific and can only be moved between matching vehicles after turning one back to a stock setting. Is this the case with these bikes? Also and I know this might not be the place for this question (if someone wants to show me where to find this thread please do so) but what is the best tuner? I see power commander has one available which has been proven in the street scene for years. All info is appreciated.

Nope 1 tuner for many bikes. The PC5 is a great tool for more fine tuning but it doens't do ignition timing so you still will want the gytr unit. Most find it the gytr unit is sufficient for all their needs. You really don't need any if you know someone who has one.

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