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Honda Trx 200d

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The ATV was running fine until it made a noise and shut off. It hasn't started since. We appear to have an intermittent or abnormal spark? Not sure which one. When we hit the start button we get a few sparks, we let off the start button we get spark again.

We have trouble shooted according to the owners manual: we checked the Ignition System (CDI Unit Connections), Ignition Coil, and Alternator Exciter Coil/Pulse Generator Coil. The last test on the list was to measure the Pulse Generator Coil. The Ohms checked out with-in range on all test until we got to the Pulse Generator Coil. We could not get an Ohm reading at all. We replaced the CDI Unit, Ignition Coil, and the Pulse Generator. However; nothing changed with the spark problem. We tried a new wire going to the Pulse Generator that didn't help either. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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