Fork Oil weight?

What do you guys recommend as oil weight? Im 214 lbs, using close to stock settings. Thanks!

If you are close to stock settings, wouldn't you want to use the stock fork oil weight...??? >> 5# (KYB 01)

I thought the 01 was 8 wt?

At 214 he should look into new springs but if that is a no go (believe me I understand) then going a little heavier on the oil wt may help tighten things up a bit. I've done it on past bikes. While it is not a "fix" is is a viable band-aid for a budget.


Kevin- I thought about that, but since I dont want to go the spring route, Id rather go a slight bit heavier on the oil. I was wondering what you guys recommend??

"Band-aid for a budget."- Thats what Im talking bout!

I tried the 10 wt for a while and didn't care for it. If the 5 wt at 100mm from the top doesn't work, you might try a mix of 10 and 5; 7.5 wt. Good luck with the attempts. :)

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