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Honda TRX680 wiring harness repair

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Does anyone know if there is a Honda Wiring Harness Connector Catalog for their motorcycles and ATV like there is for the automotive line?

Due to water intrusion into the "sealed" connectors, I need a few crimp terminals to repair my harness. there has to be something that lists these connectors, but I can only find the Honda P/N 13CNNA-3 for cars? Or maybe that is where I need to look?

Both the connetors/crimp terminals are Sumitomo and I tried to email them in Japan, but had no luck with a response.

If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated!

As a last resort, I will just get a harness from ebay and splice and solder what I need, but I would much rather not have the splices outside the connector.

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