Front fender Change?

Hey guys, I have a 02 426, and was wondering if the 450 has a different front fender? and what year it was changed? How about the front # plate? was that changed also?



The fender and number plate changed in '06, then again in '10. The '06 fender will bolt to an older YZF, but the numberplate requires modification.

The 10 fender and plate, will they work?, and the 06, if I use the fender and plate, is it a big mod to make it fit, or just a bit of trimming? Im getting ready to change out my plastics, maybe get some graphics, was just wondering if its worth it to update the front with newer style, Ive seen the thread on changing over the entire bike to the 10 plastics and seat, but Im not that ambitious, and besides, Im really comfortable with how I have her set up now



Acerbis (I believe) now makes a '10 style fender that directly bolts up. The actual 10' fender can be drilled to fit the earlier bikes, though. As far as the '06 plate, there's a sticky in the Yamaha 2-stroke forum on how to fit it. I believe the '10 plate mounts the same way as the '06.

sweet, thats all I need to know, thanks again for all the info!


Bolts up no mods just order the 250/450 not the 125/250

+1 I was just going to say that it was cycra was the one that made that fender, but i see someone beat me to it.:thumbsup:

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