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Oregon Barlow Trail, DS ride w/pics

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Here was the plan..........

Get up early, grab my camera gear, load up the bike, and head out to the 'Old Barlow Trail' for a great day of new trails, roads and adventure.

The loop I had planed was going to be epic, both for pics and for ridding. Head out from Welches up Still Creek Road to Trillium Lake. From their head to Frog Lake then East to the Barlow crossing for what I thought was the start of the Barlow Trail. If all went well I was going to ride it to the end near Wamic, then into Tygh Valley, Friend, then north to HY 44, west to Lookout Mt Rd, South down the super fun Bennett Pass Rd, South on 26, South on 48, South on 43, then backtrack to the truck parked in Welches. Should have been around 150 or so miles, with lots of stops for pics, new to me roads and some serious fun 👍

That was the plan, here is what happened :ride:

Had one to many mai tai's the night before and only got about 4 Hr sleep. Alarm went off at 5 and I hit the snooze about a dozen times thinking I may just stay home. Kinda hard to get motivated when you're ridding solo, but I finally drug myself out of bed and got going.

The morning started out with more rain than I had hoped for, but I had faith in the forecast (stupid me) for better weather later in the day. Needless to say, I still packed an extra set of rain gear.

I found the Falls Creek rd last week and figured it would be a good start to this little adventure

It's a really pretty road that starts off as single lane paved, then gravel, then dirt just before the lake


Once up at the lake I stopped for a bit to shoot some pics. Weather was a bit off and on, but slowly getting better as I headed east.



After about an hr of playing with my camera at Trillium, I headed over to Frog Lake then some backroads to the Barlow Trail.


I had been wanting to ride this for years but just never got around to it. My mistake! What a GREAT ride!!! A must do for anyone with a dual sport. I get to ride all around the country for work and this road has to be one of my new favorite all time rides :worthy:





After about 25 miles and a few missed turns I finally made it to where the road suddenly drops out of the woods and your offered a nice view of the dry side.


Couldn't really tell if the Barlow route kept going or which way it went, so I decided to hit the main rd for a few miles and head into Wamic for some lunch



Stopped at this place in Wamic for what ended up being about the best burger I have ever had.


After lunch I headed over to Tygh Valley to look up an old friend then head up towards Friend and HY 44



And here is where the trouble starts.

My map and GPS had been pretty useless to this point and now it got really confusing. There are so many unmarked roads and with me having old maps and a useless GPS, I got lost and confused (even more than usual) pretty quick. Now usually I am all good with getting a little lost, but at this point I am way away from my truck. The weather had been great but was quickly changing for the worse. After 2 or 3 missed turns I finally got on what I thought was the right road that would lead me to HY 44, and from there I would be good to go. I got excited and started moving along at a good clip when all of a sudden the road ends :worthy:

Shit! It's getting late so I make the decision to back track. What the hell, the Barlow Trail was a blast so I figured I would just do it again and save Bennett Pass for next time.

So I turn around and go about 10 feet and the rain hits :worthy:

I'm talking like Noah's Ark kinda rain. Just perfect......

I don't mind ridding in the woods in the rain, but now I have about 50 miles of roads before I make it back to the Barlow Trail and there are already rivers running down the roads. I bust out the extra rain gear put my head down and go. It pours on me all the way to the pull off then stops within seconds of me hitting the dirt. I didn't shoot many pics on the way back as I was running a pretty fast pace chasing the sunlight, hoping to get back before dark. Conditions were still near perfect, even with the rain and I had a total blast.


After one stop to shoot that pic (it was just to pretty a spot to pass up) I hauled butt back to the truck.

Rain stayed away and I got to the truck with just enough light to load up without any problems.

Epic day for sure.

Any takers for next time? Going back to try the whole loop in 2 weeks!

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Ping me when you go, I might join you and can show you a bunch of cool stuff on the other side of the road Barlow parallels (48) and up to Bolder lake. There are some cool hidden single track trails up there too.

BTW you missed the top section of Barlow which you would need to turn left from frog side. Takes you up to 35 and is real cool with some signs talking about the history of some cool meadow. At the lower end where you took the pic at the field you go left like you did to the road. If you go right it ends up in straight sections across farmers fields and is boring. You should have not missed last years 216 mile Saturday Blackdog, was epic and did most that and brought you back kinda the way you got lost. FUN!!!!

Been up there several times this year. Tried to make it from Barlow to McCubbins but the bridge is out on Keeps Mill rd. Fun stuff up there to explore all over.

Meadow north of where you hit Barlow...


Fun road...


closed? Not to bikes 👍


even a little vid going up the hill from your bridge picture...


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Great pictures, wish I had the day off to go and take my dual sported xr250r as I live in the welches area- every time I head up still cr the gate is shut. Glad you had fun on 3530, the fs is really trying to decommission those roads up there in a fast way

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