small leak, please help!

Hey guys, riding my BRP around the block I noticed some small oil droplets spraying around down by my front sprocket. NOt a bunch but enough to have me concerned. I took off my chain and front sprocket and it appears I have a small leak through that seal. I don't even have 2000 miles on the bike yet. Is this cause by a tight chain maybe? How hard is it to fix? Does the case have to be split? Or can it be fixed from the outside. Any help will be appreciated.


Chris :)

The countershaft seal leak is a well known problem and an easy fix. The updated seal part # is 91205-MBN-672. Get some snap ring pliers and remove the snap ring. Pull the old seal, put in the new seal and you're off. Make sure you are not running too much oil or have the crankcase vent pinched somewhere.

Damn Stonewall, thats fast work. Thank you for your help. I hope it is as easy as that! Need to get it fixed!

Thanks again!


AHHH the countershaft seal!!! I had three of these guys blow out on me before I ever knew about the upgraded part. All three times happened out at Imperial Sand Dunes drag racing up the hills. First time I had the bike out there, I blew one, it was on the first day, RUINED MY TRIP!!! Anyways, now that I have the newer part, I've had no problems. Good Luck on the fix, its pretty easy.

Make sure you don't have too much oil in the crankcase! And check the vent tube, make sure it's not pinched. Also never ever run the chain tight! The other guys have mentioned the fix to the seal.

Vent tube was not pinched. I replaced the seal, took her for a ride. I think its good to go. Funny thing is, the old seal didnt look that bad. OH well. Hope it holds!

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