'01 WR426 Carb cleaning

Bike sat for 1.5 years, initially ran, but was a little lean, now won't start. The local Yamaha dealer in BC says that there is only individual parts, and no combined carb kit. Not so good when you live on an island... So looking at the diagrams, there is o-rings for gaskets? Can I do a cleaning of the fuel bowl and jets etc without new gaskets?



You should be able too but it's hard to tell until you remove the bowl and see what kind of shape the gasket is in. My advise would be to get the bowl gasket and have it available just in case. If you just need to clean the jets you could just remove them via the plug in the bottom of the bowl.

The Honda dealer will sell a complete gasket kit for the same year carb (FCR) for around $25-30. This way you will have what you need.

I would take the carb apart first. I service my carb frequently without new gaskets.

thanks gents, will rip 'er apart and have a look.

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