Any advice that can be offered for installing a graphics kit? Thanks, D

Scrub the tank really good with some contact cleaner, line up the graphics before you put them on. If you're installing a seat cover with the graphics put the seat cover on first then line up the tank graphics so they match the seat graphics.. Spray the tank with Windex or soapy water, put on the graphic. If the graphic is being stubborn you can use a heat-gun (on low) or hair dryer to make the graphic more plyable.

Scrub the tank really good with some contact cleaner,

I was told the contact cleaner will dull the finish of the plastics. I just cleaned with windex 2-3 times and applied. Work well for me, still no peeling & only had a couple of air bubbles develop on the tank that worked out easily with my fingers :)

Smoke :D

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