Foam Filter Oil

What is best, the spray on oil or the regular foam filter oil? Do you apply to both sides of the air filter? I have been using the regular oil, saturating the filter with it and gentley squeezing out the excess as the owners manual suggests. I still do not know if I have too much or not enough oil on the filter.

Any help on how much oil to apply and what is best, spray on, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I did a search on this subject but returned no results.

Thanks :)

I have read it's good to use the regular Honda or equivalent oil and to put it in a large plastic container big enough for the whole filter to fit into. Just dunk the clean filter in the oil to where it's completely saturated and then very gently wring out the excess. Then you just put this container of oil back on your shelf for next time. Works for me! :)

If you're using a spray oil, then spray both the inside and outside of the filter, but don't douse it so the filter is dripping wet. If you dunk the filter into a bucket of oil, then only dunk it in about 1/3 of the way or less and you'll have more than enough oil to work with. Then work the oil into the filter with your hands. Buy a box of thin rubber gloves from your auto parts store to make things less messey for you. You can also put the filter into a ziplock bag and work the oil into the filter this way so your hands don't get too messy. Then gently wring the filter out to remove any excess oil incase you put too much on. Then put the filter back into the ziplock bag and hang the ziplock bag so that its hanging in a diamond shape with empty space underneath the filter. Let it sit for a few days for the excess oil to drain out into that empty space underneath the filter. The only other thing I do after carefully removing the filter from the bag is that I squeeze out any excess oil that's built up at the bottom of the filter where it was getting ready to drip and then quickly work the filter in a paper towel to remove excess oil and I'm done.

The key is putting on the proper amount of oil and you'll learn that with time. You want the filter entirely oiled, but with just enough oil to trap the dirt and not so much as to drip or run out. With time & experience, you'll be able to simply spray on the right amount, work it in, then maybe work the filter in a paper towel to remove excess oil and you'll be ready to go in no time at all.

Thanks so much for the information! I am going to clean my air filter tonight and will use your suggestions. I am always woried that the filter is too saturated with oil or does not have a sufficient coat of oil. I appreciate the information on this subject. :)

You might be amazed how much oil drips out into the ziplock bag over a day or two if you've got any excess oil in the filter. One of my neighbors was having the same issue with his kids KTM, so we put his filters in ziplocks and let them drain. He was shocked at the amount of oil in the bag after a few days and now he has it down to a science so the filters have plenty of oil, but without dripping a drop.

What are the negatives of having too much oil on your filter? I know it will be messy and drip all over, but does it restrict air flow? Will it Burst into flames? Should I bring BBQ sauce along with my camelbak so I can enjoy Pork Flambe? :)

For the most part, it just makes things messy and drips on your floor, but if there's way too much oil on the air filter, then it can also affect your bikes performance. Too little oil on the air filter is worse because then its possible for contaminants to enter your engine and cause permanent damage.

If you think you've properly oiled your filter but are finding excess oil in that area, then make sure you're not adding too much oil to the frame resevoir when changing oil. If your bike's engine has too much oil in it, you'll find that it blows out through the crank case breather which is vented to the airbox and that 'might' account for excess oil in your airbox if you feel certain that you've not over oiled your air filter. Too much oil in the crankcase can also pop the counter shaft seal and your bike will quickly loose much of its oil. If that happens while your riding and you don't notice it quick enough, then your engine may be in for serious trouble.

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