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Stage 3 cam

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I have read and searched and read and searched on the Hotcam's stage 3 cam. Not to many seem to like this cam.

I ride MX about 35% of the time. The other time we ride open areas and do allot of WFO racing (drag racing). The power curve on this cam looks good in the upper end and does not seem to be to bad down low.

Can I make up for the low end loss with gearing and be satisfied on the track? I am a level B rider with the stamina of a 40 year old, lol. Would it tame the bike like a flywheel weight would do?

I am trying to get some impressions of this cam so I can decide if it would be right for me.

The motor is a 14:1 compression RH ported head. The port job was for a sprint car and I don't know if Ron does different porting for the application or cookie cut's the heads to what he knows will work. The motor signs off on top somewhat with good bottom and mid-range. The pipe is a Procircuit TI-4 with a vortex ignition. The valve train is kibbles and bits and accepts a max lift of .440.

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