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building a bored and stroked KXF275?

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So here’s the plan. I have my old practice 08 kxf250 planning on putting a cylinder works big bore in it +3 on the bore. I am then going to knife edge and balance my crank to the larger piston and replace the old crank bearings with new NJ bearings . Order a MRD exhaust for it. But now I’m thinking since i have the crank out why not put like a +1 or 1.5 mm stroke to it to keep it somewhat in line with the stock bore and stroke ratio. Good idea? and since I spun a cam on it those need to be replace. What should I look for as far as a lift and duration change to complement the larger bore stroke and exhaust. would a hot cam be sufficient? or have a cam reground. Planning on cleaning up the ports, just casting slag and blending. I have a good idea what I need to change just looking for some insight as im sure this has been done a million times over and also to save a bit of a headache I the mods don’t complement each other. Thank you for ur time in advance.


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