XR650R Gas Mileage?

I ride with a guy who said his uncorked XR650R only gets 25 mpg in the woods. I hope his math is bad because I want to get one for dual sport riding and need better mileage than that. What do the rest of you uncorked BRP owners get?

That sounds a little on the low side, but pretty close. It all depends how he rides, gearing, jetting, etc. With the IMS 3.2, I've gotten 130 mi. by really easing on the throttle and shifting early. My average ride with that tank in the So. Cal. desert is about 90 mi. The average with the stock tank was about 65 mi. If that's not enough, just get a bigger tank. They don't feel a bulky as they look.

i have found that if im putting along waiting for people on trail rides i get around 35-40mpg in the woods, if im playing in mud and sand then i get like 20-26mpg. On gravel roads at around 60 mph i get about 50 mpg. its just like your car, depends how you drive it.

I also get very similar mileage (13/48 gearing). ~20 to ~26 when riding hard or on tight trails, ~30 to ~35 for leisure trail rides and ~40+ when cruising at higher speeds, but that's for off road use only.

what tank do you guys recommend and where's the best place to get one.

My buddy gets around 65 miles out of a stock tank on average.

If you don't want to get something too bulky, then look at either the IMS 3.2 or the Clarke 4.3 gallon tanks. All these aftermarket tanks will give you 100+ in range, but they will also leave a significant amount of unusable fuel sitting in one side of the tank unless you tip the bike pretty far over to one side with the hope of sloshing it back to the side with the petcock. There's not much you can do about this short of using dual petcocks or using a fuel pump and all the aftermarket tanks seem to suffer from this, but its not a big deal really because most of the fuel is usable without going through that exercise.

The IMS 3.2 and Clarke 4.3 are both very similar in size and the Clarke isn't much wider than the stock tank. It also just bolts right up without any issues unless you have a California bike and then you'll need to remove the smog equipment to make the Clakre tank fit properly. I personally like the Clarke 4.3 tank and have one on my bike, but I also switch between it and the stock tank to give my bike a different look when I get bored with one set of graphics. Clarke also has a good match for the Honda red color, but you can also get it in different colors including natural if you want to be able to keep a closer eye on your fuel level and it also looks pretty cool too :)

My 650R (uncorked of course), gets about 21mpg. That's pretty bad, but it's worth it for the power you get.

In high altitude (above 6000') and jetted with a 160main, I get much better mileage, close to 40mpg.

But keep in mind these mileage values assume that the rider is "into the throttle" most of the time. It's a fast bike, so of course that's to be expected.


My BRP gets about 50-52 mile before I have to reach down to the petcock, that's my average desert milage, but I've gotten much worse, 32 miles, and on reserve, but that was a hair ball trip up some nasty single track switchbacks, one switchback was so tight, you had to get off the bike and drag the back end around. It later opened up to a fire trail road, but after only about 1/4 mile we hit patches of snow, about 50 yrds long, and 15-18" deep....you get the idea. :)

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