Bike to bike communications

Is anyone using helmet intercom / bike to bike communications and if so how are they working, what kind?

I'm looking at the set up at Baja Designs but I don't want to invest if it isn't effective.


When I was teaching my daughter to ride, I checked into the systems, found them to be very expensive.

So, I made my own! Get 2 FRS radios with headset and voice operated capabilities. Get 2 headsets with boom mic. Get some of the Velcro adhesive "dots"

Look the mic's over before you buy them, for ease of disassembly and compatibility with the radios.

Disassemble the mic's carefully, and solder any wiring damaged.

Put the hook side of the Velcro dots on the speaker{s}, the furry side in the ear well in the helmet. Route the wiring so that it exits the helmet at center-rear. Work the mic forward to the front, sliding the wire under the lining, and exit the mic through the liner. You may need to pack some foam between the mic and the exterior grill of the chinpiece. Place the radio in a pocket on your Camelbak, or someplace where it will be reasonably protected, and the wiring not likely to be snagged.

Worked well for me, you may need to play with foam covers for the mic, depending on wind noise and exhaust levels.

Total cost, about $60 for the pair!! You can still use the radios in the standard fashion, so you can hardly lose!!

Robert :)

Thanks, Stonewall. I was in a hurry when I originally posted and didn't think of the obvious (search). Good info! :)

"Help me ob1quixote, you're my only hope!" :)

Thanks for the info. What type/brand of headset did you use? Did you use a PTT or voice activation for your set-up?

I plan to use it for teaching my little guy to ride too and to use with my riding buddies if it can stand up to the abuse and noise of the XR and some RFS's.

I got Audiovox radios with voice activated capability, and Motorola headsets, all from Walmart!! Microphone foam assortment from Radio Shack.

Did just fine till I put a E series on the XR400, then I had to play with my mic {Foam and tape to attenuate} since the exhaust would key the radio, making it one way communication.

But then again, what input of value does the youngun have anyway!!!

Give it a shot, the only problem will be wind/loud exhaust, you may have to be creative[like me!!}

Or just plain cheap!!!

Robert :)

My friends and I use HJC-Chatterbox 90's when we ride in Baja. The VOX is a bit touchy, especially when my friends crank the throttle on their XR650's. It just takes some fine adjusting.

I have complete communication set ups for your helmet, 2 speakers, mic, PTT button and all wiring for $60. Plus the radio...radios vary in price. I race with these systems in Baja. :)

and Motorola headsets, all from Walmart!! Microphone foam assortment from Radio Shack.

As he stated... wind noise is a huge issue when at speed. I opted for the BAJAD setup ($185) to connect to my VHF radio. But I also wanted to be able to talk to Race teams and pit crews while in Baja (for race support). The cheap ones work... but at speed... they're useless. IMHO

Johnnyairtime, you are right. the cheap ones work under normal (slow) conditions. the same with the radios, there are FSR radios for $20 but it is best to leave those for your kids to play around the house. if you need a real radio with range and flexibility then you need a VHF or UHF programable and modified radio to get the job done. it all comes down to individual needs and how much money you can spend on your gear. we use Icom race radios fully programmed and modified (alpha-numeric) with up to 99 channels plus... but if you need $20 radios those also work with my head sets. We set up radios for all SCORE and BITD events. Many race teams use our gear including Bob Bell from Precision Concepts (team honda). :)

I think we (Rudy and I) have forgotten to add....

The push-to-talk feature mounted on the bars! I'm not sure what you're using Rduy, but the BajaD one is really nice. VOX is just plain 'out of the question' when riding with loud pipes, or wind (anything over about 30mph). With Vox... it's either ON (most of the time) or OFF (and your screaming to get it activated). Waiste of time if you ask me...

I've used the VOX with a chatterbox on my street bike. Great for around town and stop and go traffic. Get on the freeway... you might as well turn it off. Or ride with a loud bike (like a V-Twin) and again... you've got to scream to activate (since you have to turn the sensitivity waaaaay down).

Push to talk ROCKS!

I use my radio/headset in the dunes too. I've got a 50w radio in my trailer with an 8' whip... I can talk to most of our camp on any dune in Glamis. Or from Gecko to Olds Hill (if you know Glamis area you know that's a pretty good shout, even with Olds being in a valley).

But again, waying cost against functionality is a big deal to some. I just got too frusterated with the cheap stuff. It always broke (wires pulled apart or lost continuity) and radios were short lasting.

Johnnyairtime, the system does have a bar mounted Push-to-talk button. Everything is installed with velcro so you can use it on different bikes and you can remove everything to wash your helmet if you need too. the system is almost identical to the baja designs one but I have to admit that the BD one has shielded cables. this has only proven important when riding a bike with a trip computer and a magnet pick-up. the solutions is very simple. just route the cable away from the computer and that is it. the BD system is $185 and mine is $60. i also have all spare wires so if you ever damage one you can buy just what you need.

I just PM'd ya....

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