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Honda TR200 rear shock tip.

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Hi all,

I realize as this is my first post this may have been covered before, but a forum search( and google , lots of googling!) showed nothing...

Just wanted to give a helping hand to those guys who have 86-87 TR200 Fat Cat's and are having rear sag issues.

I just recently tore my bikes shock down with the intention of modding it and found this: While it is not a threaded collar adjustment, there is a split ring that sits in one of THREE machined grooves in the shock body which holds the spring between the seats. On my bike (1986), this split ring was positioned in the center groove.

So, I pushed the ring down into the lowest groove (lower toward the bottom of the shock as it sits on the bike), and reassembled it. This in theory should put more preload on the spring, stiffening it up.

It has helped alot just in initial feel, the rear end doesn't feel as squishy, but a full review will have to wait as I have the front forks off the bike at the moment... Future facelift involved, lol!

Hope this helps!

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