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xl/xr/ft 500 tuning

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have a ft 500 so pretty much the same engine as the xl/xr 500 i beleave.

its been converted to kick start with the parts from a xl.

its been fitted with a 10.5/1 cr piston and a free flow end can. rest is stock.

head needs to come off as it has the normal oil leaks from the base gasket and weeps from the rocker cover, so guessing i'll be sorting the rocker cover studs/bolts out while its off.

while the head is off i was going to do some porting to the head, any pointers as to what to avoid?

once thats done what carb? its got the stock cv carb on it now and its about worn out. been told i want a 36mm carb for it but of what? will be fitting it with a pod filter and getting rid of the stock airbox.

any thing else that needs doing to these engines while i have it apart?

cheers rob

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