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Leaking Carb

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Ok... so intake means carb and all 4 stroke carbs are basically the same ...Right?:ride:(NEWBIE!!!):worthy:.:worthy:

I have a TM 200cc on-off road that was running fine and then, some time after a slide and fall on a gravel road, it suddenly started pouring fuel out of 2 places on the carb.:worthy:

1. at the top of the carb a from a 1/2mm hole in a little brass pipe (overflow?).https://skydrive.live.com/?sc=photos&cid=15366f1f890f994c#!/?cid=15366f1f890f994c&sc=photos&nl=1&uc=2&id=15366F1F890F994C%21151!cid=15366F1F890F994C&id=15366F1F890F994C%21156&sc=photos

2. At the bottom of the fuel bowl from a little pipe that has a screw(drain?) threaded into the housing from whence it came...https://skydrive.live.com/?sc=photos&cid=15366f1f890f994c#!/?cid=15366f1f890f994c&sc=photos&nl=1&uc=2&id=15366F1F890F994C%21151!cid=15366F1F890F994C&id=15366F1F890F994C%21157&sc=photos

Before thumping on this here door I got wet-behind-the-ears wise and decided to do this...:worthy:


and after following the base logical instructions offered in both videos I cleaned the carb and...👍

Voilà!!! I succeeded in making it dump R10.25 per litre fuel out exactly the same 2 points... only faster!:worthy:

What the:foul:?

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Clarification on a few points

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