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Oil screen plug size ??

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never mind - answered my own question - T60 works perfect!

Pulled plug with no binding issues, like I have read in some of these forums. Screen looked good, no particles of anykind on screen, even the magnet had very little debris. Pulled drain plug and very little debris on magnet, oil condition good.

This was may first oil change after 3 rides from the initial oil change when I purchased the bike. I am changing out the oil pressure pump, spring and check ball also for safety measures. Also will be replacing timing chain tensioner with Dirt Tricks ratcheting tensioner.

Purchased this bike from a senior vet rider, bike is in excellent condition and runs awesome - love this bike. I came from a RM250 2-stroke of several years, and this bike is way better in many ways! Glad I made the move to KTM!

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