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open chain acl rehab

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Dr. Mark,

I've read a bunch of past threads- and saw you said something about doing only closed chain , unless you are a kick boxer etc. If I compete in mma, and that to some extent is my lively hood, do you think i SHOULD start doing leg extensions? I'm just worried as when i get back to bag work, i'd assume that kicking - then impact of the shin to the bag would be just as strong a shearing force, and more explosive due to the rapid deceleration ?

I'm 7 weeks 2 days out, so far jogging VERY lightly, working the bike (you said an hour? i've been doing about 3 minutes focusing on lifts). It's starting to feel good, but had no insurance for pt. I had the patellar graft, and I've been having intermittent pain (where the graft was removed from, distal end of the knee cap). I've notived that stretching my quad/rolling out my IT band seems to help alot.

I've been doing alot of step ups (just got to two thingies high), and i feel like JUST NOW my quad is contracting. On my squats (the other day i went and did weighted, because I'm at the point that sets of 50-60 bw don't really tax the quads at all) my hamstrings are taking over a majority of the workload? I have an extreme tendency to overdo things, an was looking for any advice? I have full range of motion, but when pressure is applied to my shin at full flexion, i feel some interesting internal pressure in my knee? I hope this will subside as kneeling is a big part of my sport.

I've been swimming as well, but once again it's wierd- i feel i can't get full muscle fiber recruitment out of the quads on my repaired knee. It's getting better slwowly, but damn. Thanks for any insight.

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