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'06 CR125 woods valving for old fat guy

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I have a brand-new '06 CR125 that I plan to start riding next season. I ride rocky woods, and like suspension that is valved slightly soft, with extremely soft HS for rock-eating. I am a fan of running clickers wide-open, or close to it. Lack of a beating is much more important than slamming stuff at high speed, and I just about never get the opportunity to jump. I am about 210#. Any suggestions on what I can do with the 125? It appears to be sprung a little unbalanced, and I have to assume that it is overly harsh with the factory valving.

Note - I also have a CRF250X and think the suspension is superb right out of the box, springs and all. I didn't even have to turn the clickers (not that I do much jumping). I set my sag to balance the bike, and run -1/2" travel to compensate for the spring weight.


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