Front Brake

I have a 2011 YZ450f and have noticed it takes a bit more lever pull to get the same stopping feel as my '06 did. I rebled them and the lever as firm as it was when new. I thought it was just taking a while for the pads to seat, but am now wondering if it is something else.

Has anyone else felt this? I use my front brake a lot and prefer it to be a little more grabby than what I am feeling now. I don't think I ride enough (or am fast enough) to justify a full on oversized kit, but will spend the money if I need more then better pads.

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I have the same issue with my 2010. I've also bled the brakes. The lever is nice and firm, it just dosen't seem to have the power. BTO Sports has an over size 270mm Galfer kit now on sale, buy the front kit for $295 and get a free rear rotor.

Try an alternative set of pads first. The '10 probably uses a different brake pad than the '07 and earlier because it uses a smaller caliper, but the trick on the older bikes used to be pads from a CRF450. You might want to take yours down to a Honda dealer and see if they match up with something from a later CRF250/450 before springing for an oversize kit.

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