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'06 WR 250 'Enduro Kit' Computer Questions

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Hey guys!

As of last Sunday, I'm the proud owner of an '06 Husqvarna WR250! So excited! Ended up trading my '03 YZ250F straight across for it, which isn't a bad deal considering the difference in values and the fact that I'm upgrading three years! Anyway, I haven't actually been able to put the bike through it's paces yet (not that I would be able to!) because I'm still doing basic maintenance on it and I'm still waiting on a new chain. I'll cut to the chase:

The 'Enduro Kit' computer (pictured below) was on the bike when I bought it. I flipped through the Owners Manual to find some instructions on how to work the thing but it seems that there is a different 'Dual Sport' computer featured in the manual. Does anyone have any experience with the Enduro computer? It didn't work at first but I swapped in a new battery and now the lcd flashes 'DIST' (for distance I assume) with five zeros under it. I've pushed every combination of buttons on the thing and even spun the front wheel several times to try to get the thing to read speed/distance. Does the motor neeed to be running?? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!



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