Will ASV's from a 06 yz250f fit a 10 yz450f?

I am selling my 250f and wondering if the asv levers I have on it would fit onto the 2010 or newer yz450f I will be purchasing once mine is sold. Any one know if they will swap over? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question. Thanks in advance.

I had a 06 YZ450f and I bought some ASV's for it and they were the F3 levers. I then bought a 2010 YZ450 all most two years ago and the clutch lever would fit but the front brake lever wouldn't.

The reason the brake lever wouldn't was cause the stock lever had hole indention in it at the butt of it and the F3 didn't. At you front brake reservoir where the stem comes out has rounded end on it that the brake lever pushes in order to get fluid moving down to the caliper .......on most bikes.

On the 2010 450 this stem has a round ball on the end which sets in a round pocket on the stock lever at the butt. The F3 lever from the 06 didn't have this round pocket at the butt of it but had a normal rounded curved end to push the stem in so therefore it wouldn't work.

If the 2010 250f you are going to get has this round pocket at the butt of the lever then it wont fit cause I know the ASV brake lever you have wont have this pocket. Then again the only way to know if the 2010 250f you are getting if the brake lever has this pocket is to pull back the rubber dust sheild and look at the back of the lever and see if the end of the pushrod to the brake reservoir has a ball at the end and if it does then you will know it wont work.

Now as for the clutch lever goes ......It will probably work but more than likely you wont be able to use the ASV perch that came with the clutch. More than likely you will be able to use the lever but will have to use the OEM perch.

I could use the ASV lever on my 2010 but had to do away with the ASV perch and use the OEM one. I'm thinking you will have to do the same.

yea im looking at getting a 450 but since yours didnt work ill just include it when i sell mine thanks for the info

The clutch is the same, but the '07 up YZ250F and the '08 up YZ450F require a different lever. The older ones will mount up and may appear to work but they cause the fill port to be blocked in the master cylinder, and that leads to the front brake applying itself as the fluid heats up.


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