Acerbis Tank for '10-12

Has anyone tried this tank for the the 2010-2012 YZ450? I've been searching all over the internet and this is all I can find. I'd like to at least see a picture of it mounted on a bike. Just trying to explore all my options for the new bike. Thanks you all for any additional info.

Looks like I might have to be the guinea pig on this one...

theres a pic here somewhere with one and doesn't look bad. I'm bored so I'll try to find it.

I was incorrect all I can find is pics of the IMS tank

I like the IMS, that acerbis one looks like it would be decent looking enough, although the rounded edges might look funny.

I've got the tank and it's great.. I might load a picture in a few.. It sucks you have to load it to photobucket first... google it

ive also been looking at these tanks but would love to see a pic of the bike before committing

anyone find any pics?


Been trying to decide myself between all three tanks. Clark ims and acerbis

I ended up getting the Acerbis. So far I like it alot. The MDR cap is pretty cool however it's not something I will be using. The tank is slip and fits very well, the seat slipped right on without bending up the front at all. The plastic itself isn't as white as the IMS from what I could tell and it has a slight texturing to it.

I didn't like the plain look so I went to a graphics shop in town and got some bulk vinyl in blue and white. I then cut it out to follow the factory lines leaving a gap in between the blue and white to monitor the fuel level. Overall I'm happy with the tank, I can hardly notice the extra size.

Please ignore the messy garage, its packed full of bikes and quads so there wasn't much room left for the less important stuff.:bonk:





you my friend are a legend, thanks very much for putting these up

heres a pic i found of the IMS tank i found on the net the other day


from what i can tell form pic the IMS has the stock bulges/plastic lines molded into it and the acerbis is smooth on the sides


Yes you are correct. The Acerbis is smooth with an embossed logo on each side.

Do you guys have some kind of insurance for your nuts ? :bonk::smirk:

yeah thats whats pushing me towards the ims tank, but is it just me or does the ims lift the seat at the front?

They both look pretty darn good! How much mileage you getting out of one tank of gas?

Between 45-60 miles depending on conditions using the acerbis

Between 45-60 miles depending on conditions using the acerbis

That's pretty good! I like what you did with the vinyl. Almost looks as if it was original. Do any other mods?

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