Any one tried a White Bros E-series on the WR450?

Well I finally did it, Fell over and the nice stock stainless muffler made a direct hit on a rock, big dent and all scraped up. Its like seeing your own child hurt and bleeding, I can't stand to look at it. So now I'am looking for a replacment, my last two four strokes a DRZ400 and A WR400 both had the White Bros. E-Series S bend and I loved it. What I liked was that you could tune the sound with removing and adding the disc's, I was running 8 disc's which gave me good bottom end and wasn't too loud, I don't know if it would have passed the new 96DB limit, but it wasn't bad. Anyone else tried one on the WR450?

The e-series won't pass the 96db limit on a 450.The new e2 quiet pipe will be out in OCT. I would get that or the Pro Circuit 496 if staying under 96dbs is a concern.

If it says "White Brothers" and its on a blue bike, the rangers out here wont let you ride. Believe me..... :)

I have one on my bike and i passed at carnegie with 8 discs on it . :)

Well thats interesting, Phatkid said it passed. The 96db is not a great concern here in Utah, but if its like everything else, what happens in california eventually comes to Utah, but so far we don't have that 96db thing,---Do we?

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