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1999 KTM 125SX Clutch Master Cylinder

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Hello! I Have a couple of questions 👍 Well first off before I ask them let me tell you a little bit about the clutch. Well me and my buddy were having a really good day of riding when all of a sudden we rode into a an unfamiliar trail. Well unfortunately my friend crashed HARD. Everything seem to be working fine after the crash except for some bent handle bars and some major scratches. Well when we got home we looked at his clutch lever which was broken and we had noticed some liquid was coming out of the wire(Reminder: Hydraulic Clutch). We inspected it and came to the conclusion that wire had a small tear and that is what caused the oil to leak. Well when we put the clutch lever in there was no pressure and oil would leak more from the tear. We bleed the system which was one of the rangers advice and still had no pressure. We then decided it is probably time for a new clutch master cylinder. Well I have never worked on bikes with hydraulic clutches and DO NOT want to do something wrong when we are installing the new one if we need a new one. Well my questions are, If we should buy a whole new Magura OEM Clutch Master cylinder and if we do if anyone has installed one on a 1999 KTM 125sx. If anyone has installed one if you could tell me in detail exactly how to install it. It seems as if the little arm like on the standard clutch wired bikes is inside the left case how would I be able to install it like that. Would I have to remove the cover? Yes so please Can anyone help me. Me and my buddy want to ride soon. Its the only thing we look forward to on our days off from school :ride:

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