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2006 RM250 jetting for top end pull and overrev

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I am wondering if that CEL needle with be effective on an 06 RM250. My bike runs great but compared to my 01 RM they are 2 VERY different animals when it comes to engine performance however I LOVE the 06 bike.....and its a beast but at around 8000 rpm the 01 simply walks away from my 06. I would really like to hear any advise on getting more top end pull and overrev.

I am considering gearing it down to a 49 or possibly 48t sprocket Clutch is not slipping and with the fatty pipe and v force reeds I thought it would be stronger I rode an 07 and it pulled hard on top but couldnt match my 06 from off idle to 8000 too. I will be getting a regular (standard outdoor) FMF powercore ......can a silencer make THAT much of a difference????? Thats about all I can come up with for a solution....aside from getting it ported however I do not have $$$ for a port job just yet, I will try this as a last resort if nobody has any other input on something I may be missing.

I don't have the jets in front of me I was wondering if anyone that rides near sea level or less than 2000 feet can advise me on some jetting for my 06. Jetting is stock aside from one size larger main .... I will get the exact jet #'s when I get home but the jets are stock aside from one size larger main jet.My plug is nice and tan but I don't "feel" (seat of the pants) that this engine is reaching its true potential. I am going off of fmf's jetting specs but the bike doesn't feel like it is running as good as it should be (compared to my 01 now). It lacks some top end overrev. If anyone knows a good spec to get the most out of that 06 engine I would appreciate any and all input. my bike rips and surges to the top when wfo it runs really ERRATIC like its jumping up and down in rpms ..... It doesn't run clean and crisp, hard to tell if its lean or too rich and the needle clip is in the 2nd from top position does effect to a small degree the top end pull according to my manual..... Maybe I should fatten up the main?

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