lower end case difficulty?

how hard is it to split the lower case i have the manuel and im mechanically inclined but i have none of the special tools. i have my head and cylinder off for head work and want to do a complete gasket kit instead of just the top end as it leaks some oil under the back right near the rear break area.

2005 yz450f

ive done a few without the tools. i just used a rubber mallet and tapped the cases apart. to get it together i used some hand pump clamps from home depot and used the case bolts to evenly squeese it together. you can do it no problem.

just use a couple of small 2x4s to be able to lay the motor on its side nice and flat so its not tiedering on the crank shaft.

go ahead to give it a try, the satisfaction of doing it yourself is great

theres a series of videos on you tube that will step you through it, that helped me. search splitting cases yz250f:thumbsup:

check out you tube...just rebuilt my whole engine for the first time and would not have tackled it if it weren't for the videos... It's Johnnysshop channel on you tube, he does an 03 yz250f but it still is comparable for the processes. good luck, and it's a good feeling when everything runs fine afterwards and you know how good the work is.

Johnny is an amazing guy for those videos. He inspired me to do my 1st complete tear down. Since then I've done 4 yz250f, a 426 , and a 450 motor. Gotta another 250f to do soon. Replace the oil seals and any bearings that need it while your at it... Good luck!!!

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