Smaller profile rear tyre, what to expect in corners?

So I just realized I had a 110 rear tyre installed whereas my previous tyre was a 120.

What can I expect when riding? Will the bike dive into corners quicker?

Not being too skilled with off road motorcycles I don't really know what to expect with this smaller profile tyre.

Your knowledge is appreciated! :thumbsup:


I run only the 110. You will not notice it in the corners. You might notice the smaller tire on the starts.

I still ride a 2-stroke a lot and tend to ride my 4-stroke like that a little. The smaller tire on the 450 doesn't hook up as much coming out of the turns so I feel right at home. In my case it helps my lap times. My riding buddies waffle back and forth and still none can say which size tire is better.


There isn't enough difference between a 120/80 and a 110/90 to worry about. Riders who are very attuned to their machines may notice the bike is easier to roll into a turn with the 110 because it's tread cross section is slightly rounder, but that's about it. There's also not a dime's difference in straight line traction, either, IMO, at least not with the same tire design, since the 450 can overwhelm either of them. The two sizes are considered functionally interchangeable.

The first number of the tire size is the nominal cross sectional width of the tire casing (not the tread). The second is the nominal vertical height of the casing from the bead base as a percentage of the tire's width. In other words, the 110 is 90% as high as it is wide while the 120 is 10mm wider, but only 80% as high as wide. Running the numbers will show you how little difference is.

As usual you guys provide me with a plethora of well founded answers!

Thank you for putting my mind at rest! :thumbsup:

-Kory :ride:

In case you wanted to see the finished bike...



Not much to see, I know... But it has new tyres, new brake pads, new hand grips. :thumbsup:


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