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timing chain replacement fiasco

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I'm an old guy and have alot of experience screwing things up during a rebuild and I have once again found a new way to do it.

I have a 09 250xcf with a 300 tr kit. It was time for a new piston and figured a new timing chain would be a good idea. Got it all back together and it ran great. Raced a hare scrambles the following day and had to quit after about a hour due to a unrelated to the rebuild clutch problem. The next night in the garage I noticed it had no coolant. I traced the problem back to when I replaced the timing chain I did not put the woodruff key back into the water pump shaft so the water pump wasn't turning. So it got hot.

Problem now is I am getting water in the oil. I am hoping a new water pump seal will cure it but could be worse. So, just a warning.

I think it is possible that over the years I have done more harm to my bikes during rebuilds than wear and tear riding them, especially 4 strokes. Sad.

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