I've gone to the Red side.... The heck with the WR


I just finished restoring my 1978 XR75...... I love the old honda minis.

My new project is a 1970 CT70...

I wonder if IMS has a 4 gallon for my little XR... :)



Sweet, great job. I think after a couple of races on the Honda you will miss the WR.

Nice looking vintage. :)

But, does it pop wheelies in 5th gear ? :D

Fantastic Job Dan! Where did you get all the emblems and platics from? I too, have a CT90 is pretty cherry condition, its a 1973. Do you have a source for all the parts on this little cream puff? :)

If youve got a mint condition 1973 red SL70 you dont want...send it my way. that was my first bike. why do i want one ? just because. :)

ive also got a cherry 1972 CT90 that my dad bought brand new. i got it from my mom when he passed away. i'll never sell it. i have alot of great memories of us riding together, back in the day.. :D


That seat looks comfy :):D

Great job on that ancient thing.

Nice seat. (us WR riders always appreciate a comfy seat)

I know of a guy who will find and sew original factory looking emblems on while restoring old seats. I can track him down if you wish.

Sweeeeeeeeet job Dan! That engine looks clean enough to eat off! You got skills!

Fryboy :)

That looks great Dan. Good job! How many hours you got into it??

Sure it looks good....But can you win BITD Ironman on this thing???

Oh boy does that bring back memories of my youth!!!

The XR75 was my 13th birthday present from my dad. It's what brought me into the sport and changed my life like the wife and children did once I got older.

Bad grades = no riding, getting in trouble = no riding.

There was no better motivator for me to keep up with my studies and to keep my nose clean!

What a sweet looking resto.

I hope you have or will have a son to share it with.

See Ya, Kelly

Sure it looks good....But can you win BITD Ironman on this thing???

Heck, I can't even win on the ole WR.... :D, I'm MR.Second Place...... It looks like I'll be stuck with #2 again this year because Casey Folks made a mistake (and admits it) by giving an Amatuer more points for his finish at Adelanto even though I beat him... In fact he has only beat me once this year, and I'll lose to him because of a technicality.. SUCKS!!!!!!

(sorry, had to vent)........ :)

E-dog, It's hard to say how many hours I have into it.... I was lazy with this bike... I think maybe 40 or so hours.... If I do another XR75 I could do it way faster... My brother is doing a 74 XR75 that will blow this one away.. I think he has 3 grand into it already.. Most of the parts are brand new from Honda and the frame is powdercoated and the the rest of the bike is either polished or chromed.... It's good for him, he's got the dough and plenty of time,hahaha... We both love old Honda minis...

You guys would be surprised how easy it is to restore your favorite bike... Most parts are available from a few companies on the internet..

www.Red-racer.com is one of them...



Here's my next project....


My little XR will look like an old beat up KTM compared to my CT70 when I'm done with it.. :D

I am sure your overall wins will pick up as well :)

Very nice

Boy Dan, You scared me there for a second with the title of this subject.

Thought we lost one of the good guys. :)



Nice restoration! I'll bet that was a lot of fun. :)



I just got rid of a 1971 Honda Trail 90 with only 1300 miles on it. Basically gave me enough cash to buy a brand new XR50 for my kids.

Anyway, I found tons of parts at this place called Beatrice Cycles out of Nebraska. They have everything for the old 50's, 70's, 90's and 110's, etc. Check them out if you are having trouble finding parts.

Beatrice Cycles

Dan, It's time to get it on!!! Race for pinks!


Nice job Dan! My dad bought me a used 1978 XR75 for my 7th birthday. That was a kick ass little bike. Brings back a lot of memories. My buddy has a 1974 XR75 that used to be my sister's when we were kids. Now I'm gonna have to try to get it back from him so I can fix it up. Those XR75s are fun bikes to play around on, practically bulletproof too. :)

That thing is too nice to ride. My first bike was a 79' XR 75 when I was 8. It was a hard starter and I'd actually hope it wouldn't fire up so I wouldn't be able to ride it because it scared me to death, and those dual rear shocks just beat the $*!# out of me! Those were the days.

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