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KLX 250 Jetting - PLEASE HELP!

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I have a 1994 KLX 250 - Excellent Condition - but the stock carb was missing a few parts when I bought it and no longer available. So I bought a Mikuni 34 mm slide carb, retorofitted to the bike and it starts first kick EVERY time! Problem is that its WAY too rich. 1/4 throttle and the black smoke pours out! 👍

Jets it came with: Main:250, Pilot: 35, Needle: Q-2, Jet Needle-6DH4, Cutaway: 2.5, Air Jet: 2.0. I know this carb is intended for 2 strokes, but I think it can be tuned close enough to ride in the woods with my kids! Any help sizing the jets would be greatly appreciated! I would rather not spend $tons in extra jets! Stock main jet in the Keihin is only a 132.


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