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xr600 shock years/interchangeability

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Hey guys...

Im having issues with my stock 88xr600 shock, it has no bumperstop and I have bottomed out in rough riding, managing to hit and crack my new powercore muffler. Tig welded it and its ok for now.

Here is my issue...

I have heard conflicting stories on whether or not I can put a piggyback(91 and up shocks) shock on my 1988 xr600.


Airbox on my 88 is slightly different(dont know how) than 91 and up due to the fact that 88-90 years had twin stainless pipes, and different jetting.

Now. Over here on TT there are a couple of members who have done this mod, and say YES a piggyback shock will fit 88-90 years.

87 AND DOWN IS A NO because of the airbox and twin carb and different top frame mount.


Without naming those people can somebody simply CONFIRM this info for me as I want to buy a piggyback shock for its better performance and size, rebuild and revalve it for my style of riding, and call it good!

Please please say its so!



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