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Clutch adjustment/replacement

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I have an 05 KLX110 (my 9 year old son's, actually) that dies when I put it in gear (shifting from neutral into 1st) - it lurches a little, and then just dies.

I can roll it a bit and then shift it into 1st, and then it will work normally (not die)

I have adjusted the auto clutch per the manual, and as far as I can tell, it's adjusted as far as it can be (it's as far CCW as it can be without having the kick starter not functioning anymore)

I ain't gonna lie - we've had alot of fun with this bike, and it's had the sh!t beat out of it (including running it out of oil - the ring is toast - i bought it used but didn't have the sense to know that it was smoking), so I'm assuming the clutch is toast.

In any event... I'd like to fix. My son has moved up to a KLX140, so this is just our beater bike, so I have time.

My questions:

1) have I missed anything with the adjustment?

2) How hard is the clutch replacement (and any recommendations on where to get parts?)



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