Another grey wire question

Can anyone verify if I removed the correct wire or not. The wire I removed was on the right side of the bike and it was in a two wire loom sharing a black wire w/ a white stripe. Next to that loom there is another six wire loom that has a graish looking wire also. Is it that one? I would like to know for sure before I put thetank back on. Thanks.

2001 wr426 d.s. pro circuit tripple clamp, renthal fat bars, most free mods fmf Q pipe, fmf graphics

OK. I did a search and read about 30 threads but never saw a definite answer and the link on this thread doesn't work (too old I'm guessing). The 02 WR426 has two gray wires. One in a two wire connector and one in a 6 wire connector. Does anyone know for SURE which is the correct wire?? :)

I had an 01 WR426F and the grey wire was on in the 6 pin connector. I beleive it was right on the end. On the RH side of the frame :)

I have an 02 Wr 426 and my grey wire was in the six wire loom as well. I think you have the wrong wire.

Thanks gents, the next round is on me :) . I had a feeling that it was in the six pin. When I was putting my cam in I saw that a wire was missing, it was a center one on one side of the six pin so it looks like the mod was already done for me. Now on to the sky blue wire, at least motoman 393 has a picture if that one :)

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