2012 Yz450F report...first ride:

I tried a 50tooth rear. geared to low for me switching to a 49 for this weekend.

FZ1426 - What's your aluminum bolt source? How much weight did you save? Good write up BTW.

OK, my 2Cents...gonna be long...and OBTW I'm VERY picky

I have a '10 YZ450 and ride MX. I felt like it was cheating coming off my '08 YZ450 - it was that good. The things I didn't like and fixed:

1) Front dove too much under braking and the rear kicked. Total Control Suspension in NC did springs and revalve - stiffer front, softer rear and also link to lower rear. I'm 5' 10" 180lbs

2) Mapping: Bought the tuner, it's a joy to work with. I typically switch between 3 maps.

3) Yosh exhaust, seemed to help spread the power out, really pulls up high regardless of engine mapping but still maintains excellent low to mid. Very electric feel.

4) Went one tooth up in rear to fill gap between 2nd and 3rd and pull 3rd better in corners. OBTW gear ratios same going all the way back to '06 YZ.

5) I felt the bars were too low. Went with Windham bend, love them!

6) Went with Bridgestone 403/404 combo.

7) Went with oversize front rotor kit - Braking.

Other opinions: The bike carves inside ruts like no other. It does not like to slide the rear and IMHO that's why some people complain about the bike. What I have come to learn: It doesn't pay off to slide the bike into corners to initiate the turn, at least for me it doesn't. It has a very precise feel, you have to turn the bars. The difference is almost like when I went from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke, steer with the front. The bike does lay over very well, no top heavy feel, but it does NOT have a loose feel when you lay it over due to gyro effect of engine location, it will stay at the lean angle you put it at. That is a sensation that some can't get used to. It has a very light front end feel, but grips exceptionally well...you just can't feel it grip...almost 2 stroke-ish.

Clutch feel is increadibly light, one thing that is F'd up on the CRF. The bike is very stable on straights, jumping, etc. I think the CRF is a little sketchy by comparison. I have ridden newer KX's with EFI (not the '12). Great engine on the KX, feels like a 10 ton sled in corners. RM...I dunno, I've ridden them, but not enough to form an opinion.

One last thing: I've had two guys ride my bike coming off of '08/'09 YZ450's back to back compare and they both said it feels like riding a 250F lightness wise. Another guy, a KX guy hates it. Funny thing he has an old school 80's riding style, likes to brake slide into corners. IMHO if you want a modern bike the YZ and CRF are the only choice. The others are stuck in 2005, and that's fine, that's what some riders want, no problem with that.

Bolts are socket head cap screws from fastener-express.com in Huntington Beach CA. I didn't weigh them because a) it would have been too anal, and :ride: I probably would have been disappointed. I just know a handfull of steel bolts weighs a lot and a handfull of aluminum replacements weighs almost nothing.

I'm still thinking about how to get rid of the wood screw type that hold the airbox together from behind. They're big and heavy. I also replaced the thick steel washers under the screws that hold the air filter plate with thin AN aluminum. Considerabe savings there.

I'm 6' 205lbs without gear and have no problem with the front diving. That's one of the reasons I went with a 50T rear. It shortens the wheelbase and unloads the front and also decreases the leverage on the shock. At my weight I don't need to lower the rear either. The other advantage of the 50 (and the super crisp low end grunt) is it helps me clear out of the corner jumps easily with just a blip of the throttle. Something I had trouble with before. Now it's effortless.

Bars are a little low but in the forward most position not a problem. Windham mid's would be my choice also if/when I ever replace them.

I agree the bike is THAT good...:thumbsup:

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